Move, Sweat, and Have Fun to Kick Ass in 2017

Ladies and Gents, This is Our Year to Kill It ...

We all make goals that we inherently know we may not achieve. I’m guilty of it. Every New Year I promise to be healthier, pick up a new sport, or dedicate more time to my growing family. But as Dr. Eleanor Lisbon said, “Sometimes life smacks you in the face.” And the punch is our opportunity as entrepreneurs, trail blazers, busy professionals, and parents (or some combination thereof) to SHOW true character.

Athena League’s February VOX featured some of our region’s most well-known and disruptive experts in health and wellness who focused on just that: mastering the art of mindfulness. This practice will lead us to make better, more thoughtful and intentional decisions in business and in life.

For instance, Dr. Eleanor Lisbon founded Exhale Boutique Fitness Studio on the notion that disease drives capitalism. While there are times medicine certainly has its place in the world, we as a society are so quick to turn to it to fix our ailments and slim our bodies. However, Dr. Lisbon’s perspective is that bettering ourselves starts from the inside. Hence the name, Exhale Boutique. She founded the studio to blend her knowledge and expertise in medicine with eastern wellness practices, helping both the community and us as individuals breathe out our best selves.

And of course, a key theme between the panelists was balance, which goes beyond the common (and in my opinion overused) catchphrase of “Work / Life Balance.” Balance is a mentality and through the art of mindfulness, it is something we can all achieve. For Steve Spangler, founder of Simple Science Juices, balance starts by practicing the art of saying, “No.” When we say no to others, we stand up for ourselves, which makes us all our best boss.

This notion was solidified when Darby Brender, founder of Fusion Fitness, said, “Society rewards busy. But mindfulness helps us make better decisions.” And her analogy: glitter. Whether red glitter is for work, green is for money, or gold is for family, our brains are the water in which the glitter is held. And most days, we constantly swirl the glitter into a cluster of chaos. But she reminds us, if even for five minutes per day, we need to, “Let our glitter settle to see the sparkle clearly.”

The journey of entrepreneurship is messy. It’s a constant battle against homogenization and conforming to the status quo. But if we all take a little more time to focus on us, both physically and mentally, we can continue to be bold and be creative. Remember, entrepreneurs don’t predict the future, you invent it. Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay you. In the words of Dr. Lisbon, “We’re killin’ it.”