Let's Talk About Press, Baby.

PR pros share the best tips n’ tricks to get noticed

For early stage start-ups and flourishing businesses alike, public recognition is key to success. Press has a way of securing your market validation, growing your customer base and increasing brand awareness. In a recent Athena panel, regional PR pros and publicists shared how to get your business noticed, “pitching” tips and tricks pitching and how to handle bad press.

We rounded up some of the key highlights that hold true for your PR strategy this year and beyond:

  1. No Gimmicks: Follow what reporters ask you to do and they'll be more likely to respond.
  2. Humble Brags: Advances in technology provide new, unique opportunities for companies to take control of what's said about them. Make a news area on your site to talk about yourself, tell your own story and show the human behind the brand.
  3. Consistency is Key: Get in the habit of creating and posting content regularly. Make it a part of your business strategy.
  4. Sharing is Caring: blatant self-promotional is a major turnoff. Use social media and your own blog to highlight what others in your space are doing.
  5. Brevity Works: press release fatigue is real. There’s always a time and a place for traditional releases; however, connect with reporters in brief, engaging emails. Put the facts up front.

[And one to grow on] Money Doesn’t Buy You Press: Don’t just contact PR connections when you want or need something. Foster the relationship; but remember, keep it professional. You can’t buy earned media. But you can share updates about your business, or trends that will impact the industry, without expecting anything in return. Offer to connect and catch up over coffee. And remember, ask what you can do to help them be successful in their role.

Special thanks to PR panelists and fellow Athenas: Stacie Prosser, publisher at Kansas City Business Journal, Bonyen Lee-Gilmore, director of marketing and communications for Planned Parenthood Great Plains / former KCTV5 news anchor, Carla McCabe, vice president of digital and multimedia content at KCPT, and Alyssa Patzius, VP of client experience at digital media company Influence & Co.