Our Mission

Athena League cultivates a community to inspire, to empower, to advance, to connect women in entrepreneurship and in business.

Our History

As Warren Buffet said, "We must invest in women to achieve economic prosperity. We’ve seen what can be accomplished when we use 50 percent of our human capacity; visualize what 100 percent can do.”

Athena League was founded in October 2013 to connect more like-minded women and men to unlock our full economic potential, fueling entrepreneurship in KC.


What We Do

Great things are born out of diversity; yet, we can't be what we can't see. We foster a community of trailblazers, mentors, founders and leaders to ignite our best selves. 

Our Pillars:

  1. We inspire through quarterly events and speaker series
  2. We empower women to share their stories via curated content 
  3. We advance Kansas City via publicity efforts and community engagement 
  4. We connect like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs to either grow existing or launch new businesses